Here's everything you need to know about working with me, Elisabeth Kramer, a day-of wedding coordinator who does weddings throughout the Pacific Northwest.

First, what's a day-of wedding coordinator? 

It's like a closer for your wedding. You handle the details — booking vendors, sending invites, etc. Then I make sure everybody does their job. (Here's a specific breakdown of what I do.)

How much will this cost?

Most day-of coordinators in Portland cost a minimum of $2,000 with a cap of 10 hours of work on your wedding day and a limited number of meetings beforehand. My fee is between $1,500 and $1,750 with no hourly cap, and I get involved from the day you book me.

Will I have to pay a travel fee?

For Bridgeliner readers, I'll waive my travel fee for weddings within 50 miles of Portland. 

Do I have to care about Pinterest?

No. I actually write a lot about what I call the Wedding Industrial Complex.

Not engaged? Refer a friend.

I will pay you if you do.