To help people feel less overwhelmed and isolated as they plan their weddings, I've made the resources I use as a day-of wedding coordinator available for free:

  • So, You’re Planning a Wedding: This worksheet is ideal for a newly engaged couple who’s just starting to plan their wedding. It’s meant as a quick exercise to get you and your fiancé(e) talking about what planning a wedding means to you as a couple.

  • Timeline: There are exactly two billion wedding day timelines on the internet so, for my version of one, I tried to offer all of the “inside scoop” details that help me figure out how the day will flow.

  • Vendor and Wedding VIPs List: One of the first things I do when a client hires me is create a contact list. It helps organize my thoughts and identify who’s doing what.

  • Questions I Always Ask Vendors: Every wedding, I find myself asking the same types of vendors the same types of (random-ish) questions. These are the details that aren’t immediately obvious but will really help your planning.

  • How Much Alcohol You Need to Buy for Your Wedding: Figuring out this elusive number is hard but these estimates based on my work with professional caterers should help.

  • Who to Tip at Your Wedding: Because you’re not done paying for things yet!

  • DJ’s Script: To help your reception run smoothly, I recommend you designate someone to play MC throughout the evening. If you're hiring a DJ, they'll typically do this. If you're not, pick a member of your wedding party. All will find this script handy.

  • What to Discuss at Your First and Final Walkthroughs: A venue walkthrough is a crazy time. To keep you on your game, here’s what to expect and what to ask.

  • How to Run Your Rehearsal: A rehearsal can seem like just one more thing to do but I find them to be extremely useful to a couple. Here’s a cheat sheet to help run yours.

  • The Emails I Send to Vendors and Wedding VIPs: In most situations, I email all vendors two weeks before the wedding and any Wedding VIPs, a week before.

Seem like a lot of work that you’d rather not do?