Here’s how my work typically breaks down so you better understand my fee:

Pre-wedding work: estimated 22 hours

  • This work includes our monthly check-ins, my review of all contracts, the creation of the timeline, creation of the vendor and Wedding VIPs contact list, and my communication with all vendors.

  • I thought you were a day-of coordinator. I am, but I’ve found that the more work I put in before a wedding, the smoother it runs for everyone. So, despite my title of “day-of wedding coordinator,” I get started the moment you hire me. Technically, this makes me more of a “month-of” or even a “year-of” wedding coordinator, but those aren’t quite as catchy.

Coordination of the rehearsal: estimated 1 hour

  • If there’s a rehearsal, I attend and “cruise direct.” That means reviewing important timings for the wedding day, lining people up in the processional, cueing everyone down the aisle, running through the ceremony, and doing it all again (as needed) before sending you off to enjoy the rest of your day.

  • Can I save money by not having you attend the rehearsal? Technically, yes, but the benefit of having me there — both to you and me — far outweighs the $50 of savings.

Coordination of the wedding day: estimated 17 hours

  • I typically start working at 8 or 9 a.m. and stop working at 12 or 1 a.m. (I stay through the clean-up that follows after you and your guests leave).

Total: estimated 40 hours

My fee takes into account that 40 hours as well as operational costs I need to run my business. I don’t charge overtime. So if, say, it actually takes me 30 hours of pre-wedding work rather than 22 hours, you still pay the fee we agreed upon.

What about travel?

Yes, I do charge a travel fee, but it depends on the wedding. In most situations, if the wedding is outside of the Portland metro area, I’ll just ask for you to cover accommodations for the night of the rehearsal and the night of the wedding.

Will you work for an hourly rate?

I’ve tried this in the past and it’s always ended up costing the client more. That’s because you have no control over how much I may have to pester a vendor who doesn’t respond to emails or if something comes up on the wedding day that means my work takes longer.

Charging you more would be great for me, but it’s a nasty surprise for you that I don’t like. Still, if you’d prefer an hourly rate, I’m open to talking about it.