Note: If a resource is on this page, it's because I've vetted, trust, and personally like it. In some cases, it likes me too. While no one pays me to say nice things, some of the links below are affiliate links. That means I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.



Small Yard Flowers
Arielle is a micro-farmer and has her own garden in St. John’s, where she grows many of the flowers that she uses at weddings. I’m a huge fan of her commitment to sustainable and organic gardening.

Arranged for You
Robyn also runs Songbird Floristry, which is a pretty cool online shopping tool to guide you through how to order flowers.

Novella Theory Floral Design
Christina does stellar installations. Let her get creative!


Miki Maxey
Miki was the very first florist with whom I ever worked, and I’ll always have a special place in my heart for her top-notch work.

Food and Drink


The Barreled Bee
Lee makes barrel-aged honey, which is relevant to weddings because it’s a favor that guests will actually enjoy.

Elmerology Mixology Mobile Bartending
Elmer’s a pro. (Note: You’d hire a bartender if your caterer or venue wasn’t handling the bar themselves.)

Pidgin Hole
This is a food truck. It is delicious.

Silver Julep
This is a bar in an Airstream trailer. Need I say more?


Lovely Night Catering and Events
I rarely recommend caterers but I was really blown away by Lovely Night. The cheese board!

Hair and Makeup


Bella Gioia
Gioia cut her teeth doing hair and makeup at a luxury vacation resort. She knows what she’s doing.

Coreene Collins
Coreene has been in the beauty industry for more than a decade and her experience shows. She’s professional and talented.



Berto Boyd (flamenco guitarist and composer)
This guy is good.

Chad Dowling Productions (DJ)
There’s a discount if you have a coordinator ;)

Jess the Ripper (DJ)
Totally rad.


Kyle Stevens, Verse Chorus Verse (DJ)
Kyle’s a super sweet guy who will make sure that you get exactly what you need on your wedding day.



Rooted & Wild: Spirited Ceremonies
Emily goes the extra mile for her clients. She also hosts vow writing workshops, which are a great way to jumpstart any planning for your ceremony.

Rabbi Brian Zachary Maye of Religion Outside the Box
Rabbi Brian works with couples of all beliefs. He put on one of the best ceremonies that I’ve ever seen (tears, laughter, the works).



Marissa Solini
Five percent of all of Marissa’s bookings go toward a nonprofit. You get to pick which off of a provided list!

Aaron Marineau Photography
Aaron’s background is in photojournalism and it shows. He’s great at capturing candid moments and working with a crowd.

Studio XIII Photography
Jaime is an LGBTQ photographer who does stunning work.

The Marshalls
Jen and Isaac are a husband-wife team, which is particularly great when it comes to dividing and conquering on the wedding day.

Hastain Davis
This duo relocated to Portland from Puerto Rico and have years of experience shooting a wide range of events.

Photo Booths

SnapZone Photo Booth
Sooo many props!

White Tower Photo Booth
FYI: White Tower is connected with a DJ (Chad Dowling, scroll up).


Sarah M. Einowski
Not just for Kanye.


Lori Mason Design
Yes, wedding quilts exist!


Blueprint Registry




Power of Love Rentals
They’ve got great yard games!



You make your partner’s wedding band!


Becoming Bridal
A+ service.