The moment you got engaged, you also got a huge new assignment: Plan your wedding. But every checklist you Google and every article you read comes from the very industry that's selling you the stuff you need to buy.

This is bad.

It takes the power out of your hands and puts it squarely in those of the Wedding Industrial Complex.

I'm sick of seeing couples struggle so I'm offering a new service: wedding planning consultation. I've worked at a lot of weddings as a professional; I want to share my behind-the-scenes intel with you and your partner.

In a 30-minute conversation, the three of us will:

  • Discuss the expected costs of wedding planning including hidden fees to keep in mind as you book venues and vendors
  • Answer that pressing question: "What do I need to worry about right now and what can wait?"
  • Develop a detailed plan of attack including what to do next
  • Identify what you actually want from your wedding
  • Give you the space you need to enjoy being engaged

Do I have to live near you to do this? Nope. We can always make this a Google Hangout, Skype, etc. conversation.

How much does this cost? $50.