We spent our wedding day having fun and making memories with all of our friends and family (and each other!) and we know that it was 100 percent possible because of all of Beth’s hard work.

She was with us every step of the way, and without our having to lift a finger: our wedding party and family were in the loop, our vendors were coordinated, our decorations were set up, and the inevitable hiccups were mediated (so much so that we didn’t even realize they had happened!).

Beth managed our day with grace and poise, and we are so grateful that she agreed to coordinate our wedding!
— Allison Cauvel

The best Venmo I ever got:

The best Venmo I ever got
Beth is the absolute best wedding coordinator who goes the extra mile to ensure your big day is run as smoothly as possible. Her attention to every detail is impeccable. She manages any obstacles that might arise with grace and ease. She is easy to work with, friendly in manner and thorough in communication as she continually reviews her notes. It shows how deeply she cares about her clients in how she listens, always being professional throughout the whole process.

Beth checks in with everyone (bridal party, vendors, family, etc.) to ensure that there is no question unanswered or need that has not been met. Always with a smile on her face, she is knowledgeable, very impressive, and pays attention to every single detail, no matter how small.

I highly recommend Beth to anyone who is looking for a beautifully run, stress-free wedding day.
— Miki Maxey, florist since 1994
I booked Beth three weeks before my wedding, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

I knew I needed help, but I didn’t realize just how much help. She came to my rescue and helped me pull all the (many) loose pieces together. She communicated clearly with all of my vendors and wedding party and made sure that everyone had all their questions answered and knew where they needed to be.

She was incredibly organized, and her communication was timely and thorough. She graciously let me handle aspects of the planning I wanted to control, and she was there if I needed assistance.

Day-of, she was there bright and early with coffee and treats. She handled a number of expected wedding bumps incredibly gracefully. I honestly did not worry the entire day! She kept us on track and made sure everything was cleaned up at the end of the night. Everything ran so smoothly, and I was so grateful she was there.

I wish I had hired her sooner, but I would highly recommend her to anyone planning a wedding, hands down.
— Lauren Olsen
Me in the field (literally). I’m Tide 2 Go-ing the bride’s dress as her new wife looks on. Photo:  Aaron Marineau Photography

Me in the field (literally). I’m Tide 2 Go-ing the bride’s dress as her new wife looks on. Photo: Aaron Marineau Photography

Beth is absolutely amazing. The best decision we made for our wedding was to hire her as our wedding coordinator. She is incredibly organized and super responsive. Her monthly check ins with us were so helpful — she made sure we were on track and answered any question we had big or small.

On the day of our wedding, Beth handled everything: she did all of the set up, printed off my vows for me, got a stain out of my wife’s wedding dress before the ceremony, and she even brought over some pastries for us while we were getting ready! My wife and I were able to be fully present on our wedding day with our friends and family and it was thanks to Beth’s fantastic work.
— Jessica LaVigne
I wish I had hired Elisabeth the first day we started planning our wedding. She was absolutely amazing leading up to the big day, and irreplaceable on the day of.

Initially we were undecided about having a day-of planner, but having someone make sure everything gets set up at the venue and then also lead the charge cleaning up at the end of the night was awesome.

I can’t recommend Beth enough.
— Alexander Halfpenny
Our daughter, the bride, wasn’t going to spend extra money on hiring a wedding coordinator. That would’ve been her biggest mistake. Beth was worth her weight in gold. Brides, parents, and all involved: Let Beth take care of you so you can fully enjoy the day because it’s over before you know it.
— Debbie Drinovsky
With a tight budget and only 50 guests, we weren’t sure we would need a day-of coordinator but long story short: Hiring Beth was the best wedding-related decision we could have made.

Beth made it possible for me and my husband to completely let go and simply enjoy our wedding. She was organized, gracious, and smiled the whole time. Thanks to Beth, our wedding went smoothly and looked beautiful.

Her positive attitude and outlook on the whole wedding industry and experience made me one of the calmest brides on the planet.

We didn’t have to worry or fret for even a second: We simply got to enjoy the day. Which is what it’s all about, right?
— Nicole Persun
My wedding day was actually the best day of my life, largely because of Beth’s help!
— Cara Drinovsky
My husband and I are so grateful to Beth for everything that she did for us. She was organized and thorough and worked carefully with us to get an idea of what we were looking for and what we wanted out of our wedding day. She knew exactly which questions to ask, which steps to follow throughout the process, how to make my mom, husband, and me feel at ease. She is listed as a day-of coordinator but she was so involved with us throughout the process, months in advance.

We were so grateful that she was willing to take charge of items we didn’t want to do but she also was happy allowing us to take charge of what we wanted to do. She worked with us and it wasn’t just like other planners who execute their idea of your idea. She made our wedding 100 percent ours but kept us on track so everything could go smoothly. Having her guiding hand along the way helped ease so much stress and we always knew that she knew what she was doing.

Having someone like Beth on our team was absolutely invaluable. She’s become part of the family and was able to mesh in with our group in such a natural way. We loved having her there and are so appreciative of all that she did to make our wedding perfect!
— Emily Bynum
As we were getting dressed in our hotel room, a hook on my wife’s dress broke. Upsetting for her, but perhaps a fairly common occurrence, and Beth did a quick sewing job when we arrived at the venue. But the big challenge was that I discovered I had forgotten the white shirt to go with my suit.

Panic ensued, of course, but Beth quickly procured an appropriate shirt from the catering crew. It was waiting for me when we arrived at the venue, and for the rest of the evening nobody was the wiser unless I chose to share the story with them.

Beth rose to the occasion, in the midst of everything else going on, and proved her resourcefulness in resolving a major problem.
— Kevin Davis, father of the bride