To help people feel less overwhelmed and isolated as they plan their weddings, I've made the resources I use as a day-of wedding coordinator available for free.

Seem like a lot of information? I agree, which is why I’ve created a newsletter to help. I send it once a month and it features the one thing you need to prioritize for that specific month depending on how many months are left before your wedding. My goal is to help you know what to care about when. Sign up here.

  • So, You’re Planning a Wedding: This worksheet is ideal for a newly engaged couple who’s just starting to plan their wedding. It’s meant as a quick exercise to get you and your fiancé(e) talking about what planning a wedding means to you as a couple.

  • Timeline: There are exactly two billion wedding day timelines on the internet so, for my version of one, I tried to offer all of the “inside scoop” details that help me figure out how the day will flow.

  • Vendor and Wedding VIPs List: One of the first things I do when a client hires me is create a contact list. It helps organize my thoughts and identify who’s doing what.

  • Questions I Always Ask Vendors: Every wedding, I find myself asking the same types of vendors the same types of (random-ish) questions. These are the details that aren’t immediately obvious but will really help your planning.

  • How Much Alcohol You Need to Buy for Your Wedding: Figuring out this elusive number is hard but these estimates based on my work with professional caterers should help.

  • Who to Tip at Your Wedding: Because you’re not done paying for things yet!

  • DJ’s Script: To help your reception run smoothly, I recommend you designate someone to play MC throughout the evening. If you're hiring a DJ, they'll typically do this. If you're not, pick a member of your wedding party. All will find this script handy.

  • What to Discuss at Your First and Final Walkthroughs: A venue walkthrough is a crazy time. To keep you on your game, here’s what to expect and what to ask.

  • How to Run Your Rehearsal: A rehearsal can seem like just one more thing to do but I find them to be extremely useful to a couple. Here’s a cheat sheet to help run yours.

  • The Emails I Send to Vendors and Wedding VIPs: In most situations, I email all vendors two weeks before the wedding and any Wedding VIPs, a week before.