You're Not Alone: Amber M.

My clients often feel isolated as they plan their weddings. They can't talk about the hard parts because people think they're complaining, ungrateful, or second-guessing their choice to get married. But I know something my clients don't: They're not alone. Hear it from people who've been there.

Amber M.
Married October 7, 2017

When it comes to your wedding, what was your...

Worst surprise?

Watch out for are venues that don't cover general cleaning and don't supply common necessities like linens. Our venue didn't cover either of these and it was a lot of extra work and expense on our end to navigate. 

Biggest regret?

Not having one of our phones with us.

We had a few moments after the ceremony where we could have captured some great selfies but neither of us had a phone! Even though our photographer insisted we had plenty of time for photos, in the end we still felt rushed and definitely missed some key shots. 

Best advice?

Set a goal to not leave each other's sides.

This is truly your day together and every memory should include the both of you. It's important to set this intention early on and continue to reiterate it to each other up to and throughout your wedding day.

It sounds so silly, I know, but when the time comes, things get chaotic, people vie for your attention, and it's all too easy to get swooped up in it all and lose sight of what the day is supposed to be for you both.

Not leaving each other's sides was the best piece of advice I received; we truly enjoyed every moment of our wedding together. It went quick but never felt like a whirlwind.  

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