You're Not Alone: Janis K.

My clients often feel isolated as they plan their weddings. They can't talk about the hard parts because people think they're complaining, ungrateful, or second-guessing their choice to get married. But I know something my clients don't: They're not alone. Hear it from people who've been there.

Janis K.
Married January 31, 1987

When it comes to your wedding, what was your...

Worst surprise?

How quickly the day passed me by.

You spend months and untold dollars preparing and then it's over in a flash. 

Biggest regret?

That we didn't take photos before the ceremony.

We were very caught up in my groom not seeing me before the ceremony and so we were away from our guests for probably an hour after the ceremony. I hated making people wait.

Best advice?

Forget about convention and plan the wedding of YOUR dreams. Take photos or don't take them, have cake or don't have it — don't let anyone tell you how it should be. Focus on your partner and let the other stuff fall away. 

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