Don't worry: I didn't know either. In fact, a friend introduced me to the term “day-of wedding coordinator.” That story aside, below are the main functions I perform as a day-of wedding coordinator.

I will:

  • Create a vendor and Wedding VIPs contact list. This is a directory of all names, phone numbers, and emails (as applicable) of any vendors and Wedding VIPs (a.k.a. family and friends involved in the ceremony). See what this looks like.

  • Make a timeline. My deadline is to get a final timeline to you two weeks out from your wedding. You review it, let me know of any red flags, and then I send a customized version to all of your vendors and your Wedding VIPs. See what my timelines look like.

  • Review all contracts. I ask any new client to send me all of their wedding-related contracts. I review these and let you know of anything that catches my eye.

  • Correspond with vendors. You're responsible for booking and working with your vendors; however, as soon as we finalize the timeline, I send a customized version of everyone you’re paying to be there. See examples of these types of emails.

  • Send a monthly check-in. Every month, we'll have a regular check-in. This is typically an email where I note, in order of priority, what's on my radar in relation to your wedding. It's a time for us to check-in with each other and make sure we're on track. It’s also the big difference between me and other coordinators.

  • Attend your final walkthrough. If you’re getting married in the Portland metro area, I’ll come along to your final walkthrough. If you’re not, I’ll be sure to prep you and the venue to make that meeting the most efficient possible. Get an idea of the questions to ask at a final walkthrough.

  • Run your rehearsal. If you're having a rehearsal, I will be there to “cruise direct.” Here’s what I typically do at a rehearsal.

  • Handle all things wedding day. As I tell my clients, "I will do anything you need on your wedding day, as long as it's not burying a body."

  • Serve as a sounding board. I've been to a lot of weddings. Whenever helpful and wherever asked, I will offer you my opinion and advice. My goal is to help couples have the weddings they want.

  • Provide an excuse. A bonus to hiring me? I'm the perfect neutral party to act as an excuse when wedding planning gets heated. My only caveat: Just tell me so we can keep our stories straight.

What’s this going to cost me?

One of the things I hate most about my industry is how nobody ever talks about what things cost. That’s why I publicly post my prices. Here’s how they break down:

  • Non-refundable 50 percent deposit (due upon booking): $750 to $1,000

  • Remaining 50 percent balance (due two weeks before the wedding): $750 to $1,000

  • Total: $1,500 to $2,000 (depending on the location, time, and size of the wedding)

If that seems like a lot of money, I understand. Maybe you don’t even need a day-of coordinator (not everyone does). That said, if the above tasks sound like things that you’d rather not worry about — or have a loved one end up doing — than hire me. I’ll make sure that you actually get to enjoy your own wedding.